Welcome to toromino's blog!

I am a Free Software developer who is interested in emulation, reverse engineering and game development.

Fingerprint (PGP)

fingerprint 4F37 F328 EFEB 6455 56D9 3D7E F6C7 A978 AC93 6B9E
type rsa4096
created on 2021-01-24
valid until 2023-01-24
uid Toromino (foxhkron@cybre.club)
public key https://sigsegv.cc/public.key


Feel free to contact me anytime! (sorted by preference)

matrix @toromino:sigsegv.cc
e-mail foxhkron@cybre.club
xmpp foxhkron@cybre.club
signal, telegram, discord [only if I know you well]